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Faculty Meeting Spring 2023

Meeting Minutes


  1. ABRSM Practical Exam will be back to NSS in Spring 2023 (Tentatively Late April/Early May)

    • Registration Deadline: Jan. 31, 2023

    • Provide our administrative team with a list of students participating, they will be reaching out to the parents

  2. Performance (Recorded) Exam will continue and registration will be on a rolling basis 

  3. We recommend that students taking the ABRSM exams grades 1-3 be shifted back to the Practical Exam track, preparation: 3 pieces, scales, sight-reading, and aural training.


  1. The upcoming Recital will be held in the Scorca Hall at the Opera Center

    • Sunday, March 26 &

    • Sunday, April 2

    • All students are welcome and encouraged to participate, and sign-up will be open to you soon.

  2. The in-studio Recital Room is open for you to hold intimate recitals whenever available.

    • Keep in mind the limited capacities (Audience + Performers < 25) 

    • Check with our administrators for availability


  1. Beginning: Please step into the waiting/reception area if a student is not at your door by the time their lesson is supposed to start

  2. Wrapping Up: Please actively engage parents at the end of each lesson when possible:

    • Words of encouragement, praise, or request for improvement, etc.​

    • Building a communicative relationship with parents, even if it is just to say hi (our administrative team can help!)

  3. Consistency and Punctuality:

    • Notify the administrative team as early as possible when taking days off so they can get a head-start on make-up/sub arrangements

    • Arrive 5-10 mins prior to the beginning of your first lesson so you have ample time to settle in

  4. Spring Semester and Summer Session Availability: 

  5. Follow house-keeping items (Studio Rules)

Studio Rules

  1. Eating inside the studio is strictly prohibited (please utilize the break room)

  2. Avoid placing liquids of any sort on top of the piano. Students may drink only water inside the studio, and their water should be immediately put away and not be placed on or near the piano or other studio instruments

  3. Help us prevent scratches and dents by not placing things with sharp edges directly on the piano's surface

  4. Avoid brushing eraser bits or other debris onto the piano keyboard / into the grand piano

  5. When sanitizing, spray and wet the cotton wipes and avoid spraying directly on the piano keyboard

  6. Log out of your account and shut down the Chromebooks properly

  7. Whenever possible, please encourage students/parents to purchase books and avoid making copies of lengthy pieces

  8. Notify our administrators whenever books are taken from the library/bookshelves

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