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Weekly Preparation
A little preparation before the lesson each week will make the lessons go smoother:
Take a photo of each page of the music you are playing and upload it to the dedicated Google Drive Folder we set up for you. This will help you and your teacher stay on the same page, literally!
  • Each week your teacher will ask you to take clear photos of each page of sheet music you are working on, as well as the following 2-3 pages.
  • Upload it to the Google Drive Folder in your name.
  • You teacher may also share material with you this way, don't forget to check in from time to time.
  • Please call or text our secretaries if you have trouble with uploading. You can always email the pages to and we will upload them for you.
Set up for lesson ahead of time:
Start setting up at least 15 mins ahead of your scheduled lesson time. Technology can be finicky, give yourself plenty of time to set-up and settle-in for your lesson without the stress of rushing.

Teamwork makes great music:
We ask parents of young musicians to participate in each of the online lessons. You will find your young ones more enthusiastic and excited about learning when you are learning with them. We encourage parents to not only be standing-by to help, but to be actively engaged in the learning-to-teach. Make yourself available and allow your child's teacher to teach you how to help so you become your child's biggest advantage.

Stay in touch:
While our studio facility is closed you can reach us by email or text/call us during office hours: 646-360-0621 for any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your continued trust in us and for working with us through these complicated changes that came with these troubled times. We feel truly blessed to have you in the New Song Studio Family.

Take care & be well!
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