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Stay On Page: Step-by-Step
02 - Email.png
An email is sent to you:
Open the email.
Let us know if you've not received it (Please check your SPAM folder first)
Make sure the name is correct then
click on "Open":
Now you have access to a folder shared between you and your teacher for you to stay on the same page!
*You might need to install Google Drive
03 - Google Drive.png
Before Each Lesson:
01 - Photo.png
1. Take a clear photo of each page you are currently working on, 
as well as the following 2-3 pages
2. Access the folder through the Original Email we sent or your Google Drive.
*We recommend you to move the folder from "Shared with me" to "My Drive" for easy access.
04 - Add File.png
3. Click ADD (+) to start adding photos/files to your folder
05 -  Upload.png
4. Click Upload to start
06 - Select.png
5. Click and select all the files you are sharing with your teacher
07 - Send.png
6. Click SELECT to start sending
07 - Done!.png
There it is, you are all done!
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