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Google Hangouts Meet

This video-conferencing service from Google is our preferred tool for online lessons; it allows for quick and easy setup with reliable connections across different platforms and devices.

Install Google Hangouts Meet app to your mobile device(s) with a camera:

Google Hangouts Meet for Android

Google Hangouts Meet for iOS


Desktop, Laptop, and Chromebooks with a camera will work great too:

Logon on to in the Google Chrome Browser 


Hangouts Meet.jpg

Allow Meet to use your device's camera(s)


Allow Meet to use your device's microphone

Login to your Gmail account or enter your email (hang on, you are almost there!)

Meeting Code.jpg

Select to enter *Meeting code

Code Join.jpg

Enter *Meeting Code sent to you and click on:

 Join meeting, this notifies your teacher that you are waiting to enter your teacher's virtual studio.

Mute & Silent

* Make sure to Mute the Microphone & Silence the Speaker on your secondary device

*Meeting Code will be sent to you by email prior to your lesson day and it will stay the same each week. If you have not received it the evening before your first lesson, please reach out to us:

Your teacher might be finishing up the previous lesson,
please be patient and wait for your teacher to let you in.
Have a great lesson!
Let's look at some tips on how to Set Up Your Home Studio for the lesson!
Let's go over some important Weekly Preparations you should keep up!
Let's learn how to Stay On The Same Page with your teacher every week!
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