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Setting Up Your Home Studio

Most likely the things you need to have online music lessons are things you already have!

  • Your instrument (Digital Piano works and even a keyboard can get you started!) 

  • A stable Internet connection

  • At least one video-capable mobile device with a front-facing camera (Smartphone, Tablet, Chromebook, or Laptop)

Let's set them up:

  • The camera should be placed that your teacher can see your hands and fingers

    • Pianists should set it up to the sides (​imagine the camera lens where your teachers face would be)

    • Other instruments should set up with upper-body, both arms and hands clearly in view.

  • Check to make sure you can hear sound clearly out of your device's speaker (Use a headset if you have one!) 

  • If you have two mobile devices available, let's utilize them both! 

Here are a few examples of how to set up for a piano lesson: 

Single Device

  • Smartphones will work fine, but if you can choose the device go with the one with the largest screen.
  • Set it up next to the player and focus the camera on the keyboard.
  • Turn on the selfie camera to check the view.
Two Devices
  • Set up the "Capturing" device - use the one with the better camera (and if you have two cameras on the device, use the better one of the two) - the same way you set up with a single device. The "Capturing device will be your primary device: make sure the camera, microphone, and speaker are are working properly.
  • Then set up the "Viewing" device - use the one with the larger screen (it will be muted and silenced) - place it on the piano desk.
  • Logon to Google Hangouts Meet following these steps on both devices
Mute & Silent

* Please make sure to

Silence the Microphone &

Mute the Speaker on your

Viewing device. 

Additional Tips
  • Try flipping the phone/tablet stand backward if you are struggling to set the camera up at a good angle
  • Most importantly: Don't stress if your setup isn't "perfect", it just needs to be good enough for you to start making music with your teacher!
Phone On Piano Reverse.jpg
Phone On Piano View.jpg
Other instruments.jpg
Show off your hard work to your teacher:
Arms, hands, fingers and all!
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